My school's WiFi censorship is ridiculous. They block my Git GUI, Sublime Text packages, most Ubuntu Repos...

Whenever I try to use any, I get blocked for anywhere from 15 minutes to a day. I have to make sure I close everything on my laptop or I have to get someone else to log in for me. I find the Ubuntu Repos the worst, because in their "Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement" they say we have to keep our computers up to date.

@ktweed have you tried talking to the IT department about it?

@dan I've had trouble contacting the IT department. I tried calling the district IT department, but I was told I have to talk to the school, and our IT guy isn't in much. Hopefully when I'm able to talk to him, he can fix it.

@ktweed it sounds like you could make a good argument for it. Might even be an opportunity to network with people!

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