Am I the only one thinking that humanity is simply inadequate for the bright that lays ahead of us? Think about it: we are still stuck in a present where ME has more value than US, where still matters, where color still matters, where matters, where everything is designed around accordingly to mammals needs, where economical heritage still has a value. We are not going to take advantage of all the goodies that tech can bring, are we?

I'm in Como Italy after long time. I can't explain how sad this little medieval village is to me. Good thing is that there is good wine (from other less sad Italian cities) :-)

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Exciting progress on making #Gitea full-blown member of the #fediverse

With 5k Euro already available for #foss contributors, a grant application to get #funding is being prepared.

#NGI is a likely grant to apply for, stimulating cross-atlantic EU/US collaboration.

#Golang developers once again take note!

This is your opportunity to work on a great project and part of initiative driven by #fedeproxy that'll focus on federating even more code forges.

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Come to work with us at @torproject We are looking for Rust developers and have other positions open

Is there a way to mute posts? I like cats but too much is too much

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I’m interested into getting into quantum computer design, and actively looking for books to read, programs I should learn to use, and doing as much self teaching as I can before I go back to college to get a formal education on the subject. If you have the time, would you mind recommend some material or programs I should read/learn? It’s a broad subject and I’m having a hard time finding a good starting place.

Either way, thank you for your time!

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How to fix nail-holes in In the last pic you see the final result

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A tip for newcomers: if you want to follow someone but don't want to see their "retweets" (called "boosts" here), you can tap "hide boosts" from the three dot button on their profile.

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Jack Ma still missing

Oct 10, 2020:

2 weeks later he criticized China's politics. And disappeared shortly afterwards.

The man was even replaced in a TV show, which was created by himself.
Rumors tell anything from "set under observation" to "voluntarily retired", which sounds a bit odd in comparison to his earlier appearances.

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This is from Yahoo privacy policy

“Our systems may analyze all communications content (such as Mail, Groups, Calendar, Address and Messenger content including instant messages and SMS messages) for the purposes outlined in our main Privacy Policy page. If you provide Verizon Media access to your Gmail data, please click here for more information on how we treat your Gmail data.”


Gmail's and Outlook's isn't much different.

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The Internet was built as a kind of decentralized democracy. Change is slow and messy but it protects us from a single entity forcing their will on us.

When you move your data and social graph to a closed platform you vote for authoritarian rule.

Such choices never end well.

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