Today I published the first post on my new capsule: Structured objects from lexical closures (in )



Today I finally replaced the lorem ipsum on my website :)

Write a simple bot in

I wrote the post back in January, but I've always been too lazy to publish it 🙄

Just finished watching the last couple episodes of The Clone Wars, ep 8 to 12 may now be my favourite movie. I had given up hope of getting to see something so good after the let down of the sequels!

Full text of the initiative 2/2 

At the same time, the proposal shall abolish the existing system of free allowances to EU polluters and introduce a border adjustment mechanism on non-EU imports, in such a way as to compensate for the lower pricing on CO2 emissions in the exporting country. The higher revenue deriving from carbon pricing shall be allocated to European policies that support energy saving and the use of renewable sources, and to the reduction of taxation on lower incomes.

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Full text of the initiative 1/2 

We ask the European Commission to propose a EU legislation to discourage the consumption of fossil fuels, encourage energy saving and the use of renewable sources for fighting global warming and limiting temperature increase to 1,5°C.
Our proposal introduces a minimum price on C02 emissions, starting from 50€ per CO2 tonne from 2020 up to 100€ by 2025.

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To everyone living in Europe: is an ECI [1] with the goal of introducing a carbon tax across the EU. In short, if one million citizens sign the petition the proposal has to be discussed in the European Commission. Spread the word!



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