The current asking price for the Librem 5 smartphone is $1,299 USD. I was on the fence before when it was around $800, but the current price puts it firmly in the "unattainable" category for me as one who has never spent more than $500 for a .

I honestly don't understand who their target demographic is.
I respect the fact that they've pushed and funded so much development of phosh, libhandy, etc., but man, between that little Phoronix exposé interview a couple years back and what feels like a LOT of over-promising and under-delivering with the L5, I don't have a lot of positive vibes towards Purism right now, and that makes me sad.

@dallin I got in early, when the phone was $650. Still pretty pricey for a phone, but I was (and still am) excited about an alternative to iOS and Android.

That said, I'm still waiting on the phone, though it sounds like I should have it by end-of-year. I have an idea of what it will be like because I have a Pinephone running Mobian (with Phosh). The Pinephone isn't bad, but I'm looking forward to more horsepower.

#Purism #Librem5

@dallin That price is prohibitive, I totally agree. Fortunately, Librem 5's pop up on eBay, forums etc. so that you can buy them (often barely) used for less money.

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