Those of you cross-posting from to - will you please consider doing the opposite? Make the your social media home and Twitter an afterthought.

@thisisfilber7 @dallin same here, want to do it, have been too lazy to actually search for it.

@cfcosta Since every profile has an RSS feed, pretty much anything can do it that can post to Twitter. For we use IFTTT because I'm lazy.

@thisisfilber7 @dallin

@dallin might see it happening sooner than later! Twitter just agreed to be bought by Musk!

@dallin Also, I know a fair number of folks who block crossposters into Mastodon (yelling into a room without listening, etc.) so if folks eventually do switch here, they may find a lot of folks have already blocked that account.

@dallin I agree, with how twitter has been like in the last few years, it really should just be an afterthought

@dallin I actually post to my own website and then it cross posts to twitter and mastodon.

@dallin or use the app to view twitter and mastodon in a single timeline and post to both at the same time.

@dallin I'm already making Mastodon my permanent social media mansion while Twitter gets demoted into a rarely-used vacation villa.

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