Someone on was asking for more info on the suggestion that's done here. I mentioned that I had the most interactions here and said that suggestion likely led to that.

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@PaulFranz Now that I'm a bit more active I'll do a better search. I took a 3 year break and have just been back at it for around 2 months. I'm working remotely now as an independent contractor, but I want to be prepared for any eventuality. I've heard about SAP but I can't say I knew much about their stack etc so I'll check them out.

I did say the city though :).

@PaulFranz 19050. Based on the recruiter emails I get, it just feels like opportunities are >50mins on average. Even my searches rarely bring up anything popping close by.

@PaulFranz @cavaliertusky Possibly. I don't know if there's another one and my geography is whack! 😂

@Mundon While I know what you mean, I can guarantee you I won't have a problem.

There's some religious ideation included but the major point is I'm not quite sane myself. No offense intended to my similarly inclined peers. Not as religious now but it's all still true.

@normandc I've used a number over the years starting with C. Currently C# primarily for back-end and trying to improve on the frontend.
I need to push myself but this covers my history somewhat..

@cavaliertusky I think this expresses a very common sentiment
"The borough is sometimes erroneously spelled "Landsdowne" or confused with Lansdale, in nearby Montgomery County." So small it's almost like we don't exist.

@cavaliertusky Somewhat like the city I'm in. I'm wondering if it's too small for setting up a Code For America instance to effect some change. Anyone else here from Lansdowne, PA? 😆

@Tayo, this is the most action I've had since joining any mastodon server and it's thanks to the introductory post suggestion in the onboarding. I'll take all the tips!

Hello I just made an account here.

I too am a big fan of software.
I have used Linux, primarily Ubuntu on and off over the years. I've always wanted to contribute to opensource but different factors (confidence, exposure, timing, mental health) held me back. I've been coding (in a real language) since '02 at Uni and since '05 professionally in Jamaica. I now reside in PA in a city where coders are rare so I'm trying to change that.


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