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Not even 5am and I'm at a heaving Newcastle airport, travelling for work. Geordies in the bar drinking pints listening to pounding music.

I've spotted one other person wearing a mask 🤯

I can't even.

That should have been 'had' in the last point - as in I had to do it. Fun times.

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Quite the eventful day:

0. Ran fastest 10K in a decade

1. Grant proposal finalised and submitted

2. Finished painting home office despite short (but torrential!) unforecasted rain shower

3. My wife tested positive for Covid, so has to sort out logistics for my kids to stay at my parents while I'm away


"We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves."


Video of my #MCH2022 talk about #Signal is already available:

> This is a rant about how moving ecosystems are not a good reason for centralizing a crucial service, how stickers are no substitute for a desktop client that does not crash, and how effectively shutting out less popular OS platforms is just not cool.

This is a rant. Take with a grain of salt and perhaps some popcorn.


So. England v. Sweden tonight. I know @dajbelshaw will be watching (and cheering for England!), but who else?

I think (hope) we are reaching peek loon and we might flip to do some more useful social technology for social change/challenge.

Are you ready #OMN #4opens are paths out of the current mess. is fantastic for privacy and performance both. Blocks ads, trackers, all facebook domains, etc. Since it goes into /etc/hosts and overrides DNS lookups, it works independently of the software you use: it works with FireFox and Chrome both, of course, but also the more niche web browsers (w3m, netsurf, lynx, ...), and *all* desktop software that goes through libc for DNS lookups :)

I refuse to use the web without this, uBlock Origin, and---when possible---NoScript.

Great news! We've just updated our playground instance at 💥
New release comes with a nice amount of bugs fixed and UX improvements based on community feedbacks (thanks 😘) .

We've also introduced our flexible boundary system...

More here:

"How will our online experiences be different once we take back control over exactly who should see, interact with, and even collaborate on our content and activities at the most granular level?"

These two ex-Uber programmers want to replace residential buildings with inflatable space habitat

If your idea of revolution isn't based on love and does not feature empathy for the marginalised as its primary motivator, I want nothing to do with it. Accelerationists just want to live out some post-apocalyptic fantasy they assume they'd be badass in because they feel inadequate in the real world. It's an ableist world-view that heartlessly condemns people with medical dependencies to death. The disabled are comrades and they deserve a better world.

I've been complaining recently that my otherwise awesome new laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga) has a problem with the touchpad not working when waking from suspend.

I tried ChromeOS Flex on it just to see how that handled it and the touchpad Just Works on resume from suspend?

Also, looks like Linux apps work on here, so I think I've found my new Pixelbook 🙌

Just been on a really interesting call and found out about

Yeah, it's Google, but a really interesting concept nonetheless - get straight into *creating* stuff.

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