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Right now I'm in childish response mode, where I just want to wake up tomorrow and for it all to go away.

Hopefully I'll feel empowered to act, in tandem with others, by Friday 😅

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I mean, I know I've been paying attention, through my (mostly) daily reading and documenting via @extinctionfyi but... when it all gets put together, it's quite something.

For example, is authoritarianism a form of collapse? I have some thoughts about that.

For example, what if there isn't an 'after' to collapse - if it's just rolling crises? I have no way to even process that.

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Doing this sustainable leadership course and therefore immersing myself even more in stuff and...






IPv4 addresses used to be gratis. Today they're selling for ~40 USD each. Ford (!!) got 16.7 million IPs for free, hardly using them. Today they're worth $670M, a better value increase than any crypto currency. At the same time new ISPs can't be started because lack of IPs.

All go this morning in the Belshaw household as my wife starts the second week of her job while trying to organise her mother's funeral, I start a week-long course, and my daughter's class get the phone call to self-isolate 😅

"A report by the thinktank British Future found that two-thirds of white and non-white citizens agree that the team is a positive symbol of an England that “belongs to people of every race and ethnic background”. The inclusive England showcased by a diverse and harmonious squad that places its emphasis on collective endeavour is the antithesis of the exclusive and reactionary England represented by snarly Tories waging dismally divisive culture wars."

Wow, just helped my wife set up her MacBook for her new NHS contract so she doesn't have to go through the S-L-O-W virtual desktop.

Turns out I still really hate Microsoft products 😅

My experience is the opposite of this: my Linux setup is stable and efficient on Pop!_OS 21.04 beta

Update: I've ordered the Grand Canyon Richmond 1 as it's sub-£70 on Amazon at the moment. Hopefully they'll send me the green one instead of the blue!

Review here:

If it's not suitable for my purposes, I'm probably going to go with the Alpkit Polestar 🙂

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It's pretty awesome that there's a Montane outlet only about a mile away from my parents' house.

I managed to snag this 32 litre pack for £51. While I was looking for a 45 litre or 48 litre pack, this looked awesome, and I can hang various things off it.

I've realised that, realistically speaking, due to family commitments, I'm only ever likely to get out wild cling about five times a year. So better go during the good weather and pack light!

How lovely it is to see a dedicated Wikipedia page for open theses:

Especially when the people responsible for writing it credit me as one of the OG examples 🙃

cc @Downes


I'm currently in the market for a one-person tent, if we have any resident experts in the Fediverse?

(boosts appreciated!)

I'm 6'1" and looking to spend around £100 but can go slightly more for a particularly good one.

I cheekily wild camp in places I'm not really supposed to, so want one that will blend in a bit. Also, bonus points for it packing light and small.


New link on Climate changed the size of our bodies and, to some extent, our brains

TFW a big org gets in touch to ask for your help with a 'troubling situation' which is basically the exact situation you've spent 10 years trying to create.

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