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I got up early to go for a run but it started hailing so I wrote a ramble-post about smartwatches instead

Happy Friday!

Update: I had ONE double and I woke up feeling like the guy on the bottle 💀

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Update: I've spent the last couple of days frustrated as the Wear OS experience isn't as good as I thought it would be, and to use the eSIM I'd have to switch to Vodafone and pay 2.5x what I'm paying per month now 👎

Returning it tomorrow.

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Signal >> Government Requests >> Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California


I just went to LinkedIn because I had a message. Someone was talking about "future proofing their innovation strategy" and I think I was a little bit sick in my mouth.


I've upgraded my smartwatch to one that's more standalone (i.e. doesn't need to be connected via Bluetooth all the time)

The aim is to spend less time on my phone... We'll see.

Today I discovered which takes to its logical extreme.

I've spent part of the afternoon redesigning to get under that 1KB limit!

Not quite finished, but the result is here:

Just reading WIRED article about NFTs, which I still think are stupid.

However, because it only took a few clicks, I've created this:
(I delete my tweets, so it would be hilarious if someone 'bought' one!)

Over the last few years I've seen far too many an Apple fanboi spill far too much virtual ink when they could just be using Linux to be productive

Is there something wrong with the @fosstodon local timeline?

Much as I appreciate this toot from @floppy, I've read it quite a few times now... 😂

Heads-up for those of you who have previously referenced work on the blog that it looks like Moodle have now redirected the URL.

Thankfully, can always be relied upon to have a backup:

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