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New link on Climate change top challenge over the next decade, UNESCO global survey finds

Just casually switching OS from Ubuntu Touch to LineageOS 18.1 on a 7 year-old phone (OnePlus One)

This should be the norm. Sadly, it isn't.

It's taken me the whole of the pandemic so far to move the IKEA box under my desk containing the UPS and a server I don't even use.

My knees are finally free!

I know there's Feed2Toot, but are there any *hosted* services that allow auto-tooting from a given RSS feed?

"This is not one of those tech acquisitions where the company is bought to be shut down."

Yeah... OK 🙄


Latest links:

- Economists want 'drastic' action to stop climate change: Survey (Al Jazeera)

- Japan sees earliest cherry blossom since 1400s - and scientists say it's down to climate change (Sky News)

- Half a billion people may face heat of 56°C by 2100 (Climate News Network)

I asked this on Twitter and got crickets...

Has anyone who previously loved the iPod Shuffle found a newer device that they like?

(I'd love it if it did Bluetooth 5.0 too!)

🤔 Do you use LinkedIn?

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