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Right. Been sitting on this for far too long.

I offer for your perusal a critique, of sorts, of a laudable movement, but one which I now believe to be both target blind and exclusionary, and that, as a consequence, I don’t want to devote any more of my time to it.


Turns out that suggesting that open source community sustainability is incompatible with funding from proprietary tech corporations that are bigger than most countries... is considered incendiary and blocked with by moderators on at least one "open" community's forum. Looks like anyone drawing attention to the quiet colonisation of open communities by big tech corporations will be silenced...

had a 5 AM half-sleep half-waking thought that a key feature of neoliberalism is the hostility to institutional knowledge (e.g., reliance on contractors instead of permanent staff, the rhetoric of innovation, etc). As an archivist working at an institution replacing permanent staff members with 3-year temps, this also impacts my job in preserving the historical record considerably. Who's writing about this aspect of neoliberalism?

"self hosting" and such 

4 or 5 years ago, i was doing contract stuff and scavenging around for some extra work, and somebody in an open-source centric community i'm in said hey, i need a website and a forum and a mailing list and such for a project. sure thing, i said, i can just spin you up a little digitalocean box with a static site on it, install discourse, so on and so forth. we'll use mostly open source stuff, keep it simple.

So... due to the amazing UI on my Netgear Orbi dashboard, I've managed to ban the MAC addresses not only of every device currently attached to it, but every device that tries to connect to it in future.

...and now, factory reset isn't even workin.


Despite me most of the usual good practices, I'm pretty sure our neighbour's son (who seldom leaves the house) is leeching our wifi.

Changing the wifi password is *so* annoying when you have the number of devices we have, but hey ho...

(using the opportunity to change and hide our SSID, which I should have done from the start)

I think we've reached peak lockdown: I'm voluntarily watching cricket.

I think I can explain the difference between Twitter and Mastodon like this.

Me: I'm having a problem with Zoom on Linux

Twitter: Switch to a Mac!

Mastodon: Why are you using Zoom you capitalist bastard?

Oh my days, I removed the deb version of Zoom from my Linux machine and replaced it with the snap one and the difference is like night and day 🙌

Wow, there really is a shortage of GPUs, even when they're built into the Ryzen CPUs.

Only way I've been able to upgrade my Ryzen 3 with Vega graphics to a Ryzen 5 is to buy a bundle deal with a motherboard.

Imagine the scene: you wake up on a Sunday morning* and roll over to check your messages.

Your bulging and otherwise boring inbox shows a glimmer of light in the form of 💥Thought Shrapnel Weekly.

Tentatively pressing to open it, you discover a cornucopia of interesting links.

All of this is possible by visiting:

*timezone-specific imagining required

Content aside, Mozilla's internet health report looks like it was designed by someone with the aesthetic sensibilities of me. When I was 15.

Cashing out crypto to buy a new mattress. Living the middle-class, middle-aged dream.

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