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I wrote a thing.

Humans Have Bodies.

An open letter to my children as I watch them adapt to a new normal from spring, to summer, to fall.

In Mar 2019, the EU approved the new Copyright Directive by an absurdly slim margin (it passed by 5 votes and later 10 MEPs said they got confused and pressed the wrong button; due to procedural rules, despite an amended total showing a majority AGAINST, it still passed).

Specifically, the part that passed through this bureaucratic, incoherent nonsense was Article 13 (now confusingly called Article 17), which imposed a duty on online platforms to stop their users from infringing copyright.


That's our new logo on the learnwith subdomain. We're currently working on revamping our main site.

New and old logos attached!

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Our co-op has been sending out a newsletter for years, but more recently has created free email-based courses around

1. Running effective online meetings

2. Working more openly

These are now under one roof after I've spent some time pulling them together this afternoon!

Now that our kids (13 and 9 years old, respectively) are back to school, my wife and I only allow them to play 'Fortnite' at the weekends.

Hence on my to-do list today is to ensure the latest updates are installed for as soon as they get back home... 😅

Three days of no sugar and I've got a cold.

Coincidence? I think not 😂

I've just updated the 'hire me!' page on my website:

I've followed some of the advice from Tom Critchlow and others* but further comments/suggestions very welcome on how to improve it!

Just updated this page on the Outlandish website after some wordsmithing with the team:

I'd highly recommend it if you're interested in consent-based decision-making in your organisation.

I used to use Slideshare regularly to, well, share my slides from presentations.

For others who did likewise, you might want to check this out:

#mastodon uses alsoKnownAs for account migration, but it's not officially in the #ActivityStreams vocabulary. Does anyone have opinions on a formal definition and adding it as an extension?

I'm in another WG who want to use it, so we can define it in a W3C Rec. But we want a definition that the #activitypub community is also happy with.


I don't think anyone from Lenovo or Dell ever tried to buy a laptop from their own website.

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