"Whenever I've tried to free my life from a set of circumstances that continuously oppress it, I've been instantly surrounded by other circumstances of the same order, as if the inscrutable web of creation were irrevocably at odds with me. I yank from my neck a hand that was choking me, and see that my own hand is tied to a noose that fell around my neck when I freed it from the stranger's hand. When I gingerly remove the noose, it's with my own hands that I nearly strangle myself." (F. Pessoa)

Absolutely wiped out by yesterday. My wife organised such a lovely send-off for her mother. The eulogies were so heartfelt with the overall tone of the day a celebration (by ~100 people) of her life.

@rudolf You're literally suggesting an app that can read data from every app? No thanks.

If there was only some kind of technology that Johnson, Sunak, and Javid could use while self-isolating to discuss this and come to some kind of agreement... 🤔

What's the opposite of "where there's a will, there's a way"? 🙄


@rudolf I literally write about privacy stuff and your toot is the first I'm hearing of it.

(and I went through almost every app in F-Droid the other day!)

@sotolf @ton @epilepticrabbit

Indeed, and I find it interesting that you frame it around skills, when from my perspective it's so much more than that :)

@sotolf @ton @epilepticrabbit

I'm not sure if any of the Macho Alfa was included in anything I tooted, so there may be a bit of projection going on there.

For example, the 'A people' in my world are the people in touch with their emotions and who exhibit some vulnerability.

@sotolf @ton @epilepticrabbit

The reason I mentioned not agreeing with everything that the quotation infers is that there are many reasons that people don't reach their potential.


Yeah, hence my caveat. There is definitely a nugget of truth (for me at least) in people purposefully hiring people less able (however you want to define that) because it keeps them in control.



"The certification of privilege has always been as important a function of education as bringing about learning, but there is a possibility that the real winners in a rapidly changing world will be those who are open to alternatives and able to respect and value those who are different. These winners will not require that others become losers."

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"Human beings tend to regard the conventions of their own societies as natural, often as sacred. One of the great steps forward in history was learning to regard that who spoke odd-sounding languages and had different smells and habits as fully human, as similar to oneself. The next step from this realization, the step which we have still not fully made, is the willingness to question and purposefully alter one's own conditions and habits, to learn by observing others."

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