Heading on holiday for a couple of weeks, so using it as an opportunity for a break from email and social media 👋

@lauraritchie Well I don't want to scare you but when I was a teenager, Northumbrian Water diverted water from our area (poorer) to a more affluent area (where I now live). We had to go and get water from giant water butts for a few days. It was awful 😅

@lauraritchie Good luck! We had a right palava trying to get Northumbrian Water to come and fix ours. Ended up taking up our decking, fixing it, and paying for us to get new decking. Took months...

@ln Weekends are a construct. We can have the weekend vibe every day of the week if we plan our lives accordingly 😉

@default Just as on other networks, the favourite/star button is used for a variety of purposes (e.g. 'I see you', or 'I'm bookmarking this', or 'thanks')

If you click the three dots, there's also a bookmarking feature, which used to be (and I wish still was) in the main navigation.

Eye contact (AI generated image) 

This is what Midjouney (AI drawing thing) came up with when I entered 'meow wolf' as a prompt

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@copystar Thanks! It was a recommendation from someone I know and trust at the conference I was attending in Denver. They were spectacularly correct that I would love it!

@obsolete29 Yeah agree with everyone, Transmission is easy to install and use, gets the job done!

@alien23 Thanks! Wish I'd known earlier, I'm now at the airport ready to fly home in a few hours...

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