Well that was nice - I got to talk to a couple of people who I wouldn't otherwise have chatted with today!

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@robert I know. I need to increase my day rate so I can have more time off to write them!

Just had someone cancel a meeting at zero notice, so I thought I'd hang out in here in case anyone fancies a chat:


(audio only, stay as long as you like - a bit like Clubhouse, but open source)

@robert I do recognise that, which is why I haven't gone further down the path of Dark Mountain, etc. up to now...

New jobs available at Raspberry Pi Foundation which might suit some you based in the UK that are looking for a new position: apply.workable.com/raspberrypi

@adamprocter @Downes @seachaint Register through India using a VPN. I pay about £1.75/month for YouTube Premium (Family)...

@Downes @seachaint Yes, there's a bit of post hoc reasoning going on that isn't very justified.

It's amazing how offensive I find advertising these days. I block it everywhere online, and on TV I mute adverts and do something else. Not that I watch much, TBH.

@Downes That is true. Weird thing is that it loads on later Kindles, apparently, so perhaps it's an extremely niche issue...

Excited that eink.link has moved up to 26th on the 512kb.club 'league table' 🤘

Literally struggling to start reading this article because it includes the word 'less' instead of 'fewer'. I think I may be a pedant.


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