That's our new logo on the learnwith subdomain. We're currently working on revamping our main site.

New and old logos attached!

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Our co-op has been sending out a newsletter for years, but more recently has created free email-based courses around

1. Running effective online meetings

2. Working more openly

These are now under one roof after I've spent some time pulling them together this afternoon!

Just replaced our ageing Netgear vDSL router with a dedicated Draytek Vigor modem. Both are/were connected to our Orbi mesh network.

While there is a separate issue about why we're only getting these kinds of speeds less than 500m from the cabinet, it seems switching modem has made a noticeable difference.

This is interesting! Former colleague Matt Jukes has a regular 'digital jobs' newsletter and recently came up with 10 tips for orgs posting digital roles to job sites.

In this post, he scores the UK Government's new Chief Digital Officer role against his criteria:

Wild camping in Northumberland National Park last night 🏕️

The photos don't show how ridiculously windy it was! Was sure the tent was going to blow away with us in it!

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