Excited that eink.link has moved up to 26th on the 512kb.club 'league table' 🤘

So eink.link refuses to load on Kindle browsers. Anyone got an idea on how I could debug?

(works fine on other e-reader browsers...)

For all of those people wondering why I persist with WordPress:


(that's me waving at you from the top-left of the graph)

101 people responded to my poll about using the web browser on their e-reader. Remarkably consistent across Twitter (32 responses) and Mastodon (69 responses)

04:30 I can't sleep

05:30 I'm going to the beach to watch the sun rise

06:30 I wonder if I could capture this using a timelapse app?

(wish I was better at this stuff)

Content aside, Mozilla's internet health report looks like it was designed by someone with the aesthetic sensibilities of me. When I was 15.

"Embracing community is great—but not when the community is dangerous or destructive. Fixing this won’t be easy. But admitting failure is a first step."


New on 💥Thought Shrapnel:

There are many things we despise in order that we may not have to despise ourselves


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