Eye contact (AI generated image) 

This is what Midjouney (AI drawing thing) came up with when I entered 'meow wolf' as a prompt

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I can't help but think there's a metaphor here with the broken screens and somewhat bare shelves above and within the 'Glorious Britain' shop at Heathrow...

I've had an article entitled 'Why isn't the internet more fun and weird?' queued to share on @thoughtshrapnel but I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, or how I felt about it: jarredsumner.com/codeblog

Then @johnjohnston shared something in the comments of one of my recent blog posts: dougbelshaw.com/blog/2022/07/1

Which sent me down a rabbithole from Robin Sloan's 'Spring 83' protocol: robinsloan.com/lab/specifying-

Through to this absolute beauty. Yes! How awesome is this?! spring83.mozz.us/

I sign into LinkedIn for the first time in a while and the 'news' bit throws up this gem

👀 Sneak peek!

Before I share this from our org account, anyone fancy giving some feedback?


🟢 GREEN: What's good? What do you like?

🟡 YELLOW: What do you still have questions about after reading it?

🔴 RED: what do you not like / would want to change?

Anniversary, death mention 

Spent a night in York to celebrate it being 20 years since my wife and I got engaged (and to take her mind off my mother-in-law passing away a year ago today)

Tomorrow it will be a decade since I graduated from my Ed.D. at Durham University.

The ceremony was mainly for my family's benefit as it was held in Durham Cathedral. You can see from the expression on my face the attitude I took to proceedings 😅

You can kind of see it in action, which is cool, and 'evolve' existing creations.

My gamer tag is d34thf1sh so I entered 'death fish' in a style and got this...

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