Eye contact (AI generated image) 

This is what Midjouney (AI drawing thing) came up with when I entered 'meow wolf' as a prompt

@dajbelshaw WOW! I have no idea what that is (will look at the link) but it looks epic!!!

@dajbelshaw if you're in Denver, feel free to give a drop by our (Praxis Guitars) shop as well if you feel up to checking out a bit of the Denver instrument engineering and build scene.
How long you in town?

@alien23 Thanks! Wish I'd known earlier, I'm now at the airport ready to fly home in a few hours...

@copystar Thanks! It was a recommendation from someone I know and trust at the conference I was attending in Denver. They were spectacularly correct that I would love it!

Eye contact (AI generated image) 

@dajbelshaw cathulu :)

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