macOS certainly has issues but MY GOODNESS is it ever a world of difference once you:

- use any Linux DE for a long stretch of time
- switch back to macOS

I have yet to find any all-encompassing Linux "system" that feels as well thought out as macOS. Linux is certainly superior in terms of user control at a deeper level, but more experience is needed to tap into those "features".

Design, ease-of-use and attention to detail cannot be overlooked. macOS just does this better.

Following up on this discussion, I decided to jot down my quick thoughts about the "Linux desktop" overall:

"The Linux Desktop is Hard to Love"

@tdarb Well, I've used a Mac mini for the past two weeks after being a regular Pop!_OS user and found...

1. I can't adjust the volume except through the controls on my monitor

2. Bluetooth sometimes works and sometimes doesn't

3. Pressing Ctrl-End sometimes takes you to the end of a document and sometimes to the end of the line. No consistency.


4. I had to force quit the Notifications process to get it to restart and actually work

5. You can't even keep a window on top of all of the other ones

So, yeah, perhaps were just used to the things we're used to? 😉

@dajbelshaw Oh I'm sure there will be difference of experiences from person-to-person! I never meant to imply that my opinion was at all the "correct" view 😛

I'm sure some will think I'm insane


As for your issues, some possible solutions?

1. No volume controls on your keyboard? I have no experience using external monitors for sound, so could be wrong

2. Yeah Bluetooth can certainly vary

3. Have you tried CMD-DownArrow instead? I know that toggles to bottom of entire documents

4. I don't use notifications fully (badges only) - but I wouldn't doubt bugs

5. Agree, that's an overlook 100%

@tdarb yeah the sound is greyed out entirely. Linux 'just works' for me 😂

@dajbelshaw @tdarb I have the same issue on MacOS with my speakers fed through HDMI from the monitor. It’s weird that MacOS can’t handle this well, I ended up using the volume knob on my speakers.

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