Why does no-one seem to have conversations with their phone to their ear any more?

@dajbelshaw I've personally never found that to be a comfortable way to talk. Most of my voice-over-device communication in my life has been using a pair of headphones, connected to a computer. Using my phone to my ear feels weird to me, because only hearing the conversation in one ear feels weird.

When I call on my phone, I usually plug in my headphones and talk like that.

@dajbelshaw Spam calls and the division of peoples by powers.

@dajbelshaw This is something I don't understand... Do they not realise there's a speaker in the headset designed to use with one ear?

@jumboshrimp @dajbelshaw personally I prefer having it on speaker because it's easier to hear. Something about holding it up to my ear makes it difficult to tell what people are saying sometimes. But that's just me.

If I'm in a public place then I'm either calling on my headphones or just using the on-ear speaker like a normal human being. I don't do speakerphone unless I'm in my office or in my car alone.

@dajbelshaw because they are so important that they want you to hear the whole conversation, imagine putting them inside a phone box... meltdown city

@dajbelshaw it makes the video call a bit rubbish if you do that! :)

I mostly use headphones because my ear speaker is really really bad

@dajbelshaw The ergonomics of the "smart" phone are really bad. They are optimized for marketing which settled on a photogenic standard of maximum screen size and as thin as possible. So they had to squeeze the mic and speakers into the edges of the device. It also means that there's no comfortable place to get a good grip. So people walk around using their hands as a kind of wonky tripod whispering into the end of it – looking like they are eating a slice of plastic pizza.

But this odd posture signals that you are tuned in to advertising trends and compliant with the new because you don't hold the thing like your unfashionable 20th century uncle.

@dajbelshaw, a close family member always uses the phone in the loudspeaker mode for calls and keeps it a bit close to their face. When I meet them once every few months, the tempered glass, protecting the phone’s display, is fully covered with spots of dried saliva! Ewww! 🤮 I’ve also seen many use the loudspeaker mode for normal phone calls, due to the habit of speaking to everyone on video/audio calls most of the time.

@artfulsodger I'm wondering if it's because phones are so big these days that some people can't hold them in one hand comfortably?

@dajbelshaw @artfulsodger We need to bring back the round/cupped ear piece. I remember when we got a fancy cordless phone, it hurt my ear.

I almost always use the loudspeaker because I can't hear the person because of my poor hearing. Maybe older ones do things similarly

@MrDers @artfulsodger Yeah, possibly. I just find it really weird when I'm sitting at a doctor's surgery and someone is having a conversation on speakerphone as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

@dajbelshaw, I consider it an invasion of personal space in both directions. But many don’t care. 🤷‍♂️ @MrDers

@MrDers, my mother-in-law does the same due to her hearing issues. She isn’t keen on using ear/headphones due to the fear of those making her issues worse. 🤷‍♂️ @dajbelshaw

@artfulsodger @dajbelshaw I find that the microphones in headphones don't cancel outside noise as well as the phone does. People often complain.

@MrDers @dajbelshaw @artfulsodger when you reach the point of needing hearing aids you will have a pleasant surprise - some models have blue tooth to the phone so the phone calls (and music and audio books) go straight in the aids for perfect sound :) it’s wonderful :)

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