Either I under-use the word 'excited', others over-use it, or the people I interact with are genuinely excited about everything.

Or maybe it's just that Americans use 'excited' for when British people use 'interested'? 🤔

To be honest, even the British people I work with use 'interested' way more than I would.

Perhaps I'm just unexcitable and uninteresting 😅

@dajbelshaw People who use 'excited' are Piglets and people who use 'interested' are Eeyores 😂


As a Brit, if I say "that's interesting", it normally means "please stop talking about it and then leave my vicinity if you would be so kind".

@dajbelshaw way up the chain of command above me I have a senior manager that is very excited about a lot of things if their emails/comms are anything to go by. They’re also passionate about a loads of work issues too whereas I’m mainly meh about them.

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