Do I know anyone (or do *you* know of anyone) with a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga?

(bonus points if it's running Linux)

@dajbelshaw I‘m using a slightly less spiffy Yoga for work (not sure about the exact model, don’t have it with me ATM).

It’s a nice size and weight. But it has dreadful heat management, such that it has actually blue screened on me a bunch of times.

I won’t be getting a Yoga again.

@kgerloff Oh interesting! I read in a review that the Titanium Yoga has pretty good heat management, but I'll double check...

@dajbelshaw My work machine runs a Windows 10 image that corporate IT has tweaked and twisted beyond all recognition; and MS Teams comes on top of that. Basically transforms my laptop into a space heater.

With a proper OS (e.g. Linux) the problem might never occur.

But it’s still not a good sign.

@dajbelshaw Oh, and I should mention that neither I nor anyone I know have actually ended up using the Yoga in tablet mode with any regularity.

It sounded like a good idea at the time, but it just didn’t work for me.

If you’re paying for this machine yourself, I’d advise getting a non-Yoga Thinkpad, and using the cash you’re saving to max out the RAM.

@kgerloff Cheers! So, for context, I spend most of my work time in front of a desktop machine I built myself. I occasionally work from a coffee shop, and my non-work stuff is usually done on a Google Pixelbook.

While I *love* the form factor of the Pixelbook (3:2 screen, unibody, etc.) I need something more than just a Linux sandbox. I also want something more powerful.

So the Titanium Yoga seems to be just that...

@dajbelshaw @kgerloff that's funny, I was looking into a x1 yoga as well probably 3rd or 4th gen for the screen brightness, screen resolution and pen, which I'm not sure comes with every one, can anyone confirm that? Also, I keep hearing about password locked bios and soldered ram. Is that an issue with the x1?

@kgerloff @dajbelshaw I’m a few models down too and have the same problems as Karsten - which would make me reluctant to go for any other models…

@dajbelshaw I'm currently test driving a X1 Yoga Gen 5, and I'm really happy with it. Running Linux. Happy to answer any questions you have, if it's helpful.

@blinry Thanks! Appreciate the offer 😄

I'm interested in the Titanium edition specifically, because reports about Linux support seem to be mixed (as opposed to the regular Yoga!)

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