I did a "past year review" a few days ago which was an unexpectedly great experience. It kind of gave me permission to say no to stuff that doesn't give me energy: tim.blog/2021/12/27/past-year-


My list:

✅ Do these things in 2022

• Watch sun rise
• Side projects (use SoFA principle)
• Holidays
• Kayaking
• Growing plants (tomatoes, other)
• Wild camping
• Going out for family Sunday dinner
• Mountain biking
• Date night

❌ Avoid these things in 2022

• Job-seeking
• Admin
• Work-related drama
• Atheneum consulting
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Organising events
• Staying in same room as family
• Anti-vaxxer nonsense

@dajbelshaw solid lists for 2022! What is the SoFA principle?

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