I try to pay for the writing of people who are self-employed and whose work I go back to regularly.

So I've just ponied-up to support Anne Helen Petersen whose newsletter 'Culture Study' is predominantly about the USA but really about western culture in general:

@dajbelshaw Some interesting ideas there:

“Our society values parenting, not parents; it honors “work ethic,” not workers; we cherish children in the abstract, but not actual children themselves.”

But others of which I’m less sure:

“the way things are is making the vast majority of us miserable. Sure, that misery manifests differently (and in far more severe) ways depending on your place on the class hierarchy. But we spend more time trying to downplay our own misery…”

@robert Well, indeed, which is why I said it was US-centric.

But if I'm honest, I'd say that my life is about a 6 out of 10 at the moment...

@dajbelshaw Aye, I’m polling a little higher but still short a 10. Though, suspect that is as much to do with me needing to improve my Stoic attitude as it is an actual quality of life issue.

That, or my perfectionist urges compel me to always seek that bit more.

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