This is horrendous.

Imagine being so desperate that you board a dinghy and brave icy cold waters to get to a country you've probably never visited.

Meanshile, instead of focusing on the situation they're fleeing, the rhetoric is about turning boats around and "reducing the pull factor".

UKPOL, migration crisis 

@dajbelshaw and then using mealy-mouthed words like "we aren't doing enough" . I mean, Theresa May sure did a lot, Patel is in close second and, oh wait, you actually mean France? I utterly loathe this situation and all the people who have worked so hard to make it happen.

UKPOL, migration crisis 

@proactiveservices Thanks for adding the CW, I forgot. Everyone is culpable in this - whether the French government, UK government, or the idiots that vote them in.

UKPOL, migration crisis 

@dajbelshaw @proactiveservices not to mention the a-holes that take money from the refugees to smuggle them to the canal coast in reefer trucks.

@dajbelshaw and on PL/BY border, thousands of cold, hungry, tired people are dying in dark winter forests, while the PL government is posturing and propagandizing this as "defending the Christian Civilization."

25k military and border police vs. ~4k migrants.


@rysiek @dajbelshaw I really should no longer be amazed at how un-Christlike Christian Civilization is, and yet I am.

@dajbelshaw it absolutely is.

The tiny sliver of hope is that there is *a lot* of Poles who are trying to help the migrants at the border, bringing them hot food, warm clothes, medical supplies, phones, powerbanks, and whenever possible -- forcing the border police to at least make a formal note of their request for asylum (the border guards really hate that).

It only took 70 years for Cold War propaganda to get reused. It seems the wall has just shifted to the east

It takes alot for people to leave their home for another country. Most people don't until they have nothing left or in danger if they stay. The UK in particular has alot to answer for with it's historic foreign policies going back hundred of years. It's disgusting the attitude to refugees in the UK. The UK has a corrupt, kleptophillic, xenophobic government in power. I'm so ashamed of being a British citizen.

@onepict Yeah, and stopping kids learning about the shameful history of empire that helped get us into this mess is also failing the next generation in *this* country.

It's an institutional unwillingness to consider accountability.

To consider reparations and to teach us that while we as individuals didn't do the atrocities, we have benefited from them.

Which is also why it suits those institutions to not teach the next generation. So they aren't aware and can't develop empathy about this.

I blame the english :-)
Also, I like how you said citizen vs subject!

The UK has an archaic system masking itself as a democracy. The passport might say subject, but I'm a republican. Plus people who aren't British citizens have to take a citizenship test and apply for it. Living in France I definitely like the idea of being a citoyen. So more language and administration then I'm going for citizenship.

Australia says "no way". They rescue, but don't let them into Australia.
Would Europe do the same, those deaths wouldn't happen. But as these migrants expect to be pulled out and let in, these tragedies will continue to happen.

@dajbelshaw I wish we could get rid of borders (or at least, migration restrictions). Then I think people's attitudes about what global justice looks like would be considerably more enlightened.

It's horrifying and happening every day. A few decades ago 27 dead would have shamed the nation into action, but in that time the media has drip-fed Xenophobic hate until England marched into "fascism at all costs". Patel will have a little warm feeling in her heartless body that more humans are dead on her watch.
My teen daughter just commented the news are talking about them as a problem, not as people who were killed. Empathy in this country is a rarity.

@dajbelshaw Great part of the "solution" that the article implies has already been "successfully" applied by the Greek state: #pushbacks, a crime against humanity.

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