Is it just British people who get dressed up in black tie / sparkly dresses at this time of year for made-up awards that make them feel better about their bullshit jobs?

*straightens bow tie*
"And the award for most pointless award goes to..."

@dajbelshaw It's like Facebook with a pretentious business filter

@dajbelshaw They've sadly still got a slight hook in me with Messenger and the amount of friends that use it but I'm aiming for an end-of-year deletion of it all, there are so many alternatives people can use to stay in contact that it's not worth staying!

I envy your time off of the platform!!

@stuts Yeah, I've been accused of outsourcing my Facebook/Meta usage to my wife. You can't be a parent these days and not be on WhatsApp - unless you get someone else to be for you!

@dajbelshaw Ahhh that's a sneaky workaround!

Yeah I find a lot of folks still use WhatsApp, even my grandparents somewhat get along with it... Have you seen It's a WhatsApp style front-end for encrypted email sending, looks really neat and, seeing as everyone already has an email address, pretty easy to get people onto! I haven't tried using it yet but looks promising

@stuts Thanks! I did try it a couple of years ago but maybe it's got a bit more polished since then 🙂

@dajbelshaw They're not there for the made-up awards. They're there for the open bar.

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