@arivigo that's not the point of preferring Foss. The problem is that Apple software is non-free and you cannot be sure what they do with your data. If you don't mind or don't care then Apple clearly is the reference.

I'd very gladly use it as my work machine, but I don't trust non-free software with my personal data.

@dajbelshaw @fedops it’s a personal choice, right? From my perspective, my data isn’t synced to iCloud, it’s synced to my personal Synology.

Yeah, they could be doing nefarious stuff with everyone’s data, but i don’t see that as their business model. This isn’t Google or FB we’re talking about here, where hoovering up data is the order of the day.

This is Apple, who makes money from very expensive hardware. I’m ok with paying that premium to not have to piss about with my system.


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