#TIL about Bonfire, which at first glance appears to be a self-hosting project like FreedomBox/ Bone and Yunohost.

"The Bonfire team is preparing to launch a hosted service that will host your fediverse identity and sync your Bonfire apps with the fediverse."


#Bonfire #fediverse

@strypey beautiful! How did you find such nice thing? Briefly, It looks like Yunohost but special for fediverse social media choices.Thanks for sharing, strypey.


@ademalsasa @strypey I was talking with some of the team behind this (former colleagues on MoodleNet, of which this is a fork) yesterday.

They're going for an NLnet grant to get everything ready via one-click install. The tasks feature is unique, I think. Still some bugs so not ready for production quite yet!

@dajbelshaw hi Doug, what an interesting work you did here. I wish the best for them all. Please keep sharing!


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