I told my parents in about 2008 that they should switch from Windows to Ubuntu. Otherwise, they'd have to find someone else to do technical support.

They listened, and we figured out which laptop would work best (a Dell, as it turned out) and after some initial 'training' they had seven years of trouble-free use of that laptop. Then they had my MacBook (some issues, not many) and now they're rocking a Chromebook Pixel.

@dajbelshaw my mother-in-law has been using Ubuntu since 2011 - she thinks it's great!

@dajbelshaw Building my parents an Ubuntu workstation has definitely saved me a lot of time over the years.

@dajbelshaw I'm about to move my mother from OS X back to Linux -- she once used Ubuntu! -- because it turns out supporting a Mac is just orders of magnitude more difficult. I totally get it.

(At least for my folks, they're too far from an Apple Store for "take it there whenever anything doesn't work" isn't viable.)

@dajbelshaw you think that 10 years from now Windows will be another Linux distro? Maybe they decide the OS is not so relevant and do the same thing they did with VS Code and Edge.

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