"Snowden said commercial malware such as Pegasus was so powerful that ordinary people could in effect do nothing to stop it. Asked how people could protect themselves, he said: “What can people do to protect themselves from nuclear weapons?"

@davidoclubb I wonder if the vulnerabilities are at the operating system level, or whether they go deeper? Great news if all we (geeks) have to do is switch to a more obscure mobile OS but:

1. That's not currently a viable solution for most people

2. If it were, they'd find a way to hack different OS's

3. If it's on the hardware level, every phone accepts SMS


@dajbelshaw @davidoclubb UAE states have government mandated backdoors in their OS'. Which is who pegasus was being sold to.

Think of the natural progression of EU's chatcontrol.

@icedquinn @davidoclubb

Yeah, I remember when my dad was in the UAE and how hard it could be to communicate with him securely 😔


Please go and check what are the levels of Internet surveillance in the current home country of Snowden

@dajbelshaw @davidoclubb

@kravietz @dajbelshaw @davidoclubb
> lawful intercept
yeah it's not great in other occupied nations but its significantly better when you step out of the UAE.

@dajbelshaw shows the importance of #opensource hardware for sure.

Also I think I could probably live without a SIM card these days if I had to, though life without 4g is difficult to imagine 😂

@davidoclubb @dajbelshaw wouldn’t it be easiest to just hack into the cellular network and track all the messages for a target flowing through it?


Can you remind where exactly Snowden is living right now? 🤔


A bit melodramatic, no? We can start a bonfire and burn our bloody phones and gadgets. The Incas built Machu Picchu very well without them.

I assume we can manage

@AlohaPilgrim let's rebuild Machu Picchu, but instead of massive boulders, we use iPhones 🤣


@dajbelshaw Comparing surveillance to nukes is stupid. There is a lot of simple stuff folks can do to not be a victim. But as this is mostly not too comfortable, and most people are lazy, people get snooped on.
One example of a simple measure is Oversec, which adds encryption to any normal app. Nobody uses it.

If you don't care, you don't know, you follow the piper.
Humans can learn, if they care to read.

@rudolf I literally write about privacy stuff and your toot is the first I'm hearing of it.

(and I went through almost every app in F-Droid the other day!)

Install Netguard.
Use a file manager that shows your apps. Sort by date. Look for what you don't expect.
Download your apps from Apkmirror. Compare them with those from the file manager.
This is a simple chore. Tell me how a bad App can beat this.

@rudolf You're literally suggesting an app that can read data from every app? No thanks.

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