Does anyone have experience with @session? Wary about anything tech-related coming out of Australia TBH.

I use it:). It comes highly recommended by privacy/security experts I trust. Here's a great interview with one of the developers by techlore from a month or so ago

Yes, I do for now, until the network gets larger. I can't say session is perfect but I definitely see it as having a lot of promise. Currently it has no audio or video calling which could be a deal breaker for a lot of people, but it's on the roadmap.

@dajbelshaw @session if youre on lineage without gcm then it doesnt really work.

@joshim what didn't work for you? I have used it on lineage without gcm and didn't notice an issue.

@dajbelshaw @session

@yarmo @dajbelshaw @session you get push notifications reliably? once i close the app i stop getting notifications for new messages.

@joshim oh I was thinking something actually broke… Nah you're right, unfortunately session fully relies on GCM for push notifications, crying shame really.

@dajbelshaw @session

@yarmo @joshim @session Yeah, I saw there was an option for GCM on setup (which I turned off). Haven't actually used the app to message anyone yet, though!

@dajbelshaw @yarmo @session it is a shame because i think the first people interested in session would be non-gcm users.

@dajbelshaw @session
I haven't but it does sound interesting.
I've mainly been using Protonmail and Xmpp for secure messaging. Oh, and snail mail seems far more secure these days!

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