Has anyone else notice more bees seemingly in distress than usual?

Where I live (Morpeth, England) there seem to be so many on paths and roads, - alive, but seemingly unable to fly?

@dajbelshaw I didn’t see as many bees or bumblebees this year as last Summer unfortunately.

But we’re getting here the annual flying ants invasion :) I’ve seen some already.

@przemek I think everyone can do without those! But my wife and I we're talking about how there are so few butterflies around compared to when we were kids - and flies! So many flies when I was a kid.

@dajbelshaw @przemek

I rarely see flies at home for last few years, (there's still plenty in rural areas where I work) but as I live alone I leave the cobwebs in corners of the house and tolerate spiders (I used to be scared of them, but realised in England there aren't any really nasty bitey ones) - and since doing this they seem to keep the flies away...

@vfrmedia @przemek

I learned to touch-type via Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. One of the drills involved trying to clear the flies from your windscreen with window wipers while driving. This would make zero sense to today's kids!

@dajbelshaw When we were kids, we were actually catching butterflies (I know, awful thing to do), but now spotting one or two a day may be difficult.

@dajbelshaw My partner across the kitchen table, who knows a little about bees, says it's hard to say without knowing the species or gender of the casualties. It could be as innocent as the drones of a particular species having naturally reached the end of their cycle.

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