Decided to switch my personal website over to that layout I was experimenting with a couple of months back:

(it's 989 bytes, in case you're wondering)

Let me know if you notice any broken links, or have suggestions for optimising even further. FWIW I'm *definitely* keeping the emoji 😂

@dajbelshaw i guess emojis are good because their byte representation is compact and they convey a lot of information (at the risk of the receiving device not having a system emoji font, but i guess that's very rare at this point)

@dajbelshaw what the purpose of <link href=data: rel=icon>?
Is that to prevent browsers from doing a favicon.ico lookup?

Also, I think you can shave off a few bytes by removing the <b> tags from your h2 'open strategist' header?

Same with those in your list items. Since those lines are the only ones using list items, you could just specify the font-weight: bold in the li definition of your css?

@FiXato Thanks! (and yes, that's a workaround for browsers endlessly looking for the favicon)

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