I'm currently in the market for a one-person tent, if we have any resident experts in the Fediverse?

(boosts appreciated!)

I'm 6'1" and looking to spend around £100 but can go slightly more for a particularly good one.

I cheekily wild camp in places I'm not really supposed to, so want one that will blend in a bit. Also, bonus points for it packing light and small.


Update: I've ordered the Grand Canyon Richmond 1 as it's sub-£70 on Amazon at the moment. Hopefully they'll send me the green one instead of the blue!

Review here:

If it's not suitable for my purposes, I'm probably going to go with the Alpkit Polestar 🙂

I use the slightly older version of this one. Many years, up to 80km/h wind, and 40 liters rain per night. No problems, dry and stable.
I also bought the bigger version, but I sleep better in this small one, the climate is better. The bigger one remains unused and collects dust.
And no it is not for two people unless for sex.
Don't let the low price distract you, it is really good.

@rudolf Thanks! I've got a 2-man tent that I'm happy with, but it's too big / heavy for when I go by myself :)

I'm looking for tents around 1.5kg which can pack down to 45cm on the longest side (or less)

@dajbelshaw @rudolf I was lucky to find a Terra Nova Laser Competition in a massive sale a few years back, think it was £140. They're great, if you can find one cheap. If I was going for something new right now, I'd seriously consider this Alpkit Polestar... small, less than 1kg, pitches with your walking pole, and just a smidge under £140. I love Alpkit - I'm becoming a bit of an unofficial ambassador!! 🤣

@mootParadox @rudolf Oddly enough, that's exactly the one I think I've settled on! Saw a review on YouTube of the Alpkit Soloist but really like the idea of using my walking poles as tent poles.

Good skills getting a Terra Nova so cheap 🙌

@dajbelshaw @rudolf I've been using a pair of walking poles, must be for more than 10 years. Would be nice to not have to carry additional tent poles in the pack... interested to see a pic, if that's the shelter you go for. 🏕️

Dimensions packed are:
54 × 16 × 16 cm,
8 Liter, 2,4 kg
I find it well worth that one extra kilo more as I sleep well in it, and it withstands the ugliest weather.
If you can afford the £30 "extra" to give it a try, do it. I have tried a few other tents and in no other have I slept that well.

@nicksellen might have a good advice for you.

What I personally like: tarps. but they can be annoying if you don't find a proper spot to attach it, unless you have a single stick, strings and something to attach it to the ground.

@dajbelshaw I don't know about stuff in £100 range, I love my

I often like the stuff they have on

I love tarps too, but would probably choose tent if I had to pick one option. I like using both together actually :)

maybe secondhand could be good? or camping gear sharing community (might have to create it though... I'm thinking of doing that locally here...).


@dajbelshaw I also have a from when I used to have excess money.

I also love that, especially for winter/bad weather trips (can sit and cook inside it). but couldn't justify the price now.

plus the zip broke now :( (10 years old, maybe 1.5 years of camping nights)



Nice! Perhaps I should be looking for more expensive ones - especially as I can imagine using whatever I buy for the next 15-20 years...


@dajbelshaw I liked the tarptent company, small company, made in seattle with presumably non exploitative labour, and more affordable than hilleberg, etc.

... also a range of creative designs, I always get ones which are winter suitable, but if you don't need that there are lighter, more open options there.

downside is tarptent don't (or at least didn't) have UK/EU distributor, so import tax too :/

as for tent+tarp setup, here is one from last year -->



People have said nice things here and on my Mountain Leader course about Alpkit stuff. I've been looking at the Polestar (as I usually walk with poles anyway)


@dajbelshaw yup, I like the vibe of alpkit, although only got small things from them so far.

I get the sense their products can be hit or miss. at least one of their camping mats was a bit crap, and they stopped making it.

that polestar tent looks a bit small for my liking, I like to be able to sit up at least, but depends on your use case / preference. so many variables.



I only really get to go away for one night at a time - two max (due to family commitments)

As you, say, lots of variables! I've had to break out a spreadsheet... 😅


@dajbelshaw families love camping too! is very inspiring to me.

I always do a lot of research before buying something like a tent. so far been very happy with how it's turned out (bought 3 in 18 years, gave 1 away, still have 2).


@dajbelshaw I’m tempted to buy a Bivvi this year. I’m a bit claustrophobic, but alpkit does a hooped one that has a fair bit of headroom, and for a smidge under £100. They pack very small and light.

This guy has the setup I’m aiming for (from 2:50):

@dajbelshaw Vango have one man tents at around that price. Never had a problem with any that I’ve bought from them.

@jamie Nice! I notice Alpkit have a shop in the MetroCentre now as well 👌

@dajbelshaw I've never had any of their stuff before, but it seems to get good reviews.

@dajbelshaw Looks grand. Let us know how it works out. I could use a single person tent.

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