@dajbelshaw my mate has the excellent #PRollocks tag as a "shorthand" for PR bollocks 😄

@dajbelshaw and sadly all to prevalent. Less so around here, thankfully

@amcewen It's sadly a feature of where a mass of people are. Always people trying to influence others, which is fine on a personal level but really grates when it comes to 'brands'

@dajbelshaw Agreed. It does seem somewhat endemic in UK culture at present; hopefully we can continue to have more of a "holding people to account for it, to limit the level of it" approach as the community grows

@amcewen Related: because I spend so much time in my browser (ad blockers) and work from home, adverts *really* annoy me.

I can't stand them on the side of football pitches, when I walk past bus stops, etc.

Recently, I used someone's computer who had no ad blockers and I felt a bit anxious with all of the cacophony of advertising and pop-ups!

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