Today I am reading some philosophy, which is something I tell myself I do often, yet the pandemic revealed was wishful thinking.

@dajbelshaw I find reading philosophy to be very tiring, I remember doing exphil in university being a chore, but something that I was happy having done. I do slowly listen my way through the "Philosopize this" podcast, and that's quite enjoyable, so maybe that will open my mind enough that I can get a bit more into it :)

@sotolf I mean, Philosophy was my first degree, but I know what you mean. I'm taking it easy by starting with some Platonic dialogues, but my favourite is either Pre-Socratics or a bit of Metaphysics 😉

@dajbelshaw Are you reading it because you want to, or because you feel you ought to? (Also, what are you reading? curious)

@Downes I listened to an episode of The Art of Manliness podcast about Plato's Republic during my run this morning:

I realised it's ages since I read it, so am easing myself in with that...


Heh. Brings back memories.

I didn't read Republic until I was in a PhD program. A friend asked for a friend whether I could help them with philosophy, so I said 'sure'. It turned out to be Republic. So I read it the evening before and had it outlined by the next day. Tutoring session was a success.

I haven't bothered much with Republic since. I get that it's historically important but there's not much of it I would accept as a viable philosophy.

@Downes The podcast is interesting because it gives some historical context and applies the Republic to our current times. Didn't agree with everything the guest had to say, but he made some good points!

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