@dajbelshaw Exactly, use "twice a week" and "once in a fortnight" instead 😌

@huy_ngo Better yet, only ever use daily, weekly, or monthly rhythms for things because anything else confuses the hell out of people (in my experience)

@dajbelshaw I’m guilty of using bi-annual, in the context of ‘Your bi-annual xxx check is due’.

@jamie Biannuals are used in the plant world all the time, which is also confusing...

@dajbelshaw @jamie It’s why I generally disdain both, and only use biennial occasionally.

I am a non native speaker of English language and I learned that "semi" prefix is for half of/twice in something while "bi" prefix means "every other" or "one in two".

I didn't know about this issue until I read the article. I have to say that I learn something new about English language in bimonthly bases :ablobcatangel:

sorry. i had to do it while i could

@murtezayesil 😂

English is confusing. I can only apologise as someone who hasn't fully grasped it myself...

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