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I've been on Mastodon for the last five years, via several instances. Started with, before dabbling with and then finding a home on

I work at the intersection of technology, learning, and community. I'm a member of Previously at Mozilla.

For a couple of years, I was PM of a federated resource sharing platform for educators called MoodleNet. Been into decentralisation since early days of bittorrent!

@XxAlexXx I was on the Open Badges team and then Web Literacy Lead (my doctoral thesis was in digital literacies). Was there 2012-2015 and enjoyed most of it!


Hello, if you don't mind, I have a question. I'm a lecturer and my uni uses moodle and I think its great. But how is it federated? Is this invisible to the course owner or just not enabled where I work or something else?

(I wish my blog cms was a lot more like moodle.)

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