Cyclists of the Fediverse! What adapter do I need for this valve, please?

@dajbelshaw that's looks like a normal 48mm valve. What do you want to adapt it to? Those are pretty standard. Our pumps' only output is for that format.

@neauoire Cheers, I just didn't know what to search for as In a bit out of the loop with bike stuff and other valves don't look like that in the UK!

@dajbelshaw @neauoire I've bought parts for that under the name "Presta" normally (I think 48mm refers to the length of the threaded bit rather than the valve type?)

@coral @neauoire Thank you - I didn't know the name for the different valves! (I've only ever used the one in the right)

@dajbelshaw That's a presta valve. Is this helpful to you? Not sure what you mean in terms of adapter. Most pumps these days should be able to attach to it.

@dajbelshaw it looks like a Bontrager/Presta valve, what are you trying to adapt it to? A shrader valve?

@utahcon Thank you! Can't seem to get anything to attach to it (daughter's bike)

@dajbelshaw Looks like a regular Presta valve. Most cycling pumps should have an Presta/Schrader adaptors, which usually entails flipping the head for the appropriate valve.

@dajbelshaw I don't know what they're called because they're the usual bike pump in Germany? but it looks just like a standard USA one except that the rubber around the valve is smaller and fits onto those threads; you don't unscrew the thing at all, or have to put any cap onto it - the air pressure applied will open it internally and shut it again. Most pumps I see here have both? Sorry for not knowing the name.

Do you know that you need to unscrew the little round nut to inflate? And refasten it afterwards.

In some languages it is also called a french valve, as it is/was common in France.

@dajbelshaw yes it’s the weird one don’t see this as much in the UK but the pump attachment you have already has a secret you can normally flip the attachment around and it has the other option (this one) ready to go.

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