I've upgraded my smartwatch to one that's more standalone (i.e. doesn't need to be connected via Bluetooth all the time)

The aim is to spend less time on my phone... We'll see.

Update: I've spent the last couple of days frustrated as the Wear OS experience isn't as good as I thought it would be, and to use the eSIM I'd have to switch to Vodafone and pay 2.5x what I'm paying per month now 👎

Returning it tomorrow.

Update 2: after much spreadsheetage and hand-wringing I am about to pick up a Garmin Venu 2s (yes, I have small wrists)


It feels ridiculous to spend almost as much on a watch as a phone, but there we are. My crypto money will pay for it, I guess...


Update 3: this is a seriously impressive bit of kit. This is a very detailed review for anyone else thinking of getting one:


@dajbelshaw mmm it looks good (and has more music storage than my current phone haha), but i might be biased cause i could use an app that would just give me workout plans and i'm not confident enough to just look for one in play store

@dajbelshaw I rarely covet gadgets any more — and love using my old wristwatch that's older than — but that Garmin just shot to the top of my covet-list.

@fgraver I felt a bit bad about spending £350 on a watch, but it's already increasing my motivation levels around exercise and general health.

@dajbelshaw I had a really good string using Endomondo on my phone for tracking walking, cycling and x-c skiing, but have never found a replacement after it was retired. And that option never gave me an option to track pulse, etc. This Garmin certainly looks like it would enable me to track the way I used to, and much, much more...

If it's *also* a good watch then that price is not unreasonable.

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