Over the last few years I've seen far too many an Apple fanboi spill far too much virtual ink when they could just be using Linux to be productive


@dajbelshaw I don’t understand the genre — why do people feel a need to defend their OS choices? Use the computer that works the best for your needs, and let others do the same — shouldn’t that be the way it works?

@fgraver As far as I see it, it's people who realise they're locked in, and a form of Stockholm syndrome.

@dajbelshaw That makes some sense. I find it's useful for myself to differentiate between the tool and the company. I have an OS that I prefer (after testing alternatives) but feel no loyalty to the company that makes it and have problems understanding people who blindly defend the company just because they make tools they like...

@dajbelshaw FWIW my favourite phone was this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_Lu I even thought Windows Phone was potentially a very good mobile OS, and was disappointed Microsoft abandoned it. I never warmed to the various flavours of Android I tries, and find Google much more creepy than Apple when it comes to personal security and privacy — so today I use an iPhone.

If something better comes along, I'll switch.

* better must include "it just works out of the box" and a possiblity to connect to the apps and services I use at work.

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