We're launching our new website soon!

If anyone with a passion for accessibility wants to give it a once-over, let me know - it already gets a 95/100 on

@dajbelshaw With that high of a score you're probably already accesible without js, which is all I can think of, important for screenreaders and luddites alike ;)

@dajbelshaw You mention accessibility and I know you probably mean to visually impaired etc, but for me google and cloudflare stop me from viewing sites as I don't like to let them load in my browser and I see this notice from the Cloud Firewall plugin...

@dajbelshaw Sorry, all doom and gloom from me 😕
Don't mean to be...

@greenpete Thank you, I'll look into the plugins we're using. Out of interest, did everything load with your blockers on?

@dajbelshaw It would appear not. The banner and some other images wont load.
I see there are 13 java-scripts that the site pulls in and that not all content is secure (https).
Fonts are different.
It's tricky telling what isn't there, though I have two browsers open one running no tin foil 😉

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