Update: I had ONE double and I woke up feeling like the guy on the bottle 💀


Another update: for Scientific Reasons I tried the whisky again tonight and was fine this morning (although I woke up early). I suspect Other Factors might be in play here... 🤔

@dajbelshaw Set and setting is always important :) Maybe you didn't hydrate enough the other day? I can wake up with bad headaches if I don't drink enough water over the previous day already.

@sotolf I think so - and we had a fire in the lounge the night before last (but not last night)

@dajbelshaw In case you'd like a larger statistical sample: I too had a glass of single malt last night (Talisker Port Ruighe) and feel absolutely fine this morning.

@dajbelshaw It's good to hear from people who respect science

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