My Fediverse timeline is full of people doing cool things in collaboration with others.

My Twitter timeline is full of people competing with one another while performing their bullshit jobs.

@hirschnase I have deactivated my account many times, but I always end up going back...

@dajbelshaw it’s like trying to give up smoking. Not easy but worth it 😎

@dajbelshaw @hirschnase

May 20th my account fully deactivates? i was confused there wasn't a delete button, but i'm assuming that's what I'm doing when I said deactivate and they said it would take a third of a quarter ;)

If so, it took me a lot of going back, but maybe I won't have an account soon 😅

@dajbelshaw @hirschnase I'm now using Twidere app to follow both Twitter and Mastondon on the same app and timeline. Not bad. There still are interesting people there that I want to follow and they'll surely never move here because of less audience.
But still it's a nice way to forget Twitter, since the look&feel of the app is more like Fedilab or so.
And I've stopped looking at Twitter trends.

@dajbelshaw @hirschnase I've just configured also @AndStatus to see how it works: Twidere does not support filters (silenced and blocked accounts are still visible), notifications (from Twitter) are not visible, ... bunch of issues.
Even though the Twidere UI is nicer, let's see how it goes with AndStatus.


There are a couple of people that the only electronic method to get in touch with them is via Twitter.

Apart from those, i don't need it.

Too much of a distraction for my ADHD. :D

@dajbelshaw with rising popularity, Mastodon will probably become more like Twiiter, won't it?

@nyconyco I doubt it, especially given its federated nature. I've been on three different instances, and the vibe has been different each time.

@dajbelshaw ah... So your hypothesis is each instance has its own audience/philosophy? Interesting

Will this stay the same over time?

@nyconyco I hope so. I've found being on @fosstodon the best so far, because there's a group of people who are into the kind of things I'm into!

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