@dajbelshaw Many congratulations on a big milestone achieved!

Out of interest, to which version of Linux did you end up switching?

@dajbelshaw Nice!

After 7 years of gallant service, my Dell XPS has finally given up the ghost. I’ve been on Pop!_OS for some of that time and while I await my next laptop am trying Fedora.

Still uncertain if either of those two, or maybe an Arch core with Endeavour or Manjaro, will carry my workflow for the next phase of my digital adventures.


@robert I have to admit to running ChromiumOS on my ThinkPad x220 (currently selling my x270 because it's not as good!)

Oh, and I've also got a Pixelbook. What can I say? ChromeOS is the easiest to use version of Linux...

@dajbelshaw Haha! You do seem to love Chrome.

And yes, I have heard excellent things about its ease of use. But, as I am trying to completely move to Linux in part because I am not only De-Windowing my life, but also De-Googling it, not sure ChromeOS is the best step for that. 😂

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