Looking forward to the time when sharing a link to a post doesn't DDoS my blog 🙄

@dajbelshaw In that case Cloudflare would be a superb option to help you handle traffic, by taking the load off of your website's origin server (the shared hosting) and having their network cache and serve your content — it's a turnkey solution for 99% of use cases.

If you need any help setting up and configuring CF, let me know.

@oedmarap Thanks! I removed Cloudflare for privacy reasons a while back, but I might re-implement WP2Static

@dajbelshaw Cool. But just FYI Cloudflare is a dumb proxy (a la Varnish/Squid/HAProxy, etc) so there isn't a single privacy issue with them as far as I know.

Their infrastructure is based on stateless logic, and traffic is secured with SSL/TLS. In fact, you don't even need anything other than an email & password to use a CF account.

Meanwhile, your shared hosting provider can grab your files and databases anytime they like (and I'm sure they have your payment details as well).

@oedmarap Appreciate it! I was one of their first customers and I know them personally (hence me sticking around so long)

@dajbelshaw Oh I understand. Reclaim Hosting has their cloud offering[0], so hopefully at some point you can migrate, and it'll give you better performance that shouldn't cost a whole lot more than the Shared Hosting plans (maybe they'll give you a discount!).

Coupled with WP2Static it should be even more efficient since it's not shared. I've used that plugin a few times before with WordPress and it's worked quite nicely.


@oedmarap Excellent! They're just using with educational institutions at the moment, but hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon 👍

@dajbelshaw I can recommend Jelastic (I use it through Infomaniak). I’ve setup a Wordpress cluster (with 5 instances and counting) and it makes multi-site management a breeze. A network console from which I can keep all themes, plugins etc. updated and rolling out another side project is just a couple of clicks.

Best bit is the server scales to usage, so more people using the site just means more resources are allocated automagically.

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