@dajbelshaw :thinking_very_hard: Maybe you should get into ballooning? Or gliding? Plenty of high altitude perspective, low emissions?

@dajbelshaw This is true, maybe there's a need for DIY hydrogen ballooning, no smoking in the basket though.
Pity Helium is basically non-renewable. :(

@dajbelshaw Though perhaps one could use radiothermal heat sources for ballooning, could be a nice nukepunk theme

@dajbelshaw An interesting read.

Poking around on your site there are many rabbit-holes down which I could disappear, but I have a couple of questions ...

What is it you do for Moodle?

How would you describe Moodle in one sentence without buzzwords?

Where is it up to?

Finally ... roughly, where are you?

I'm in NW England.

@ColinTheMathmo Hey Colin, I left Moodle in May 2020. Apologies if there's an area of my site(s) I haven't updated.

I'm in the North East of England, in the historic market town of Morpeth. These days I work through the tech co-op I set up: weareopen.coop

@dajbelshaw No need to apologise! Nice to have the misconception corrected.

What is it you do? What are your skills? What does your day consist of?

Would you like to have a test of Chartodon?

(Don't let me take up time you don't have, or need for other things)

@ColinTheMathmo Yes please!

(as for what I do, well... make sense of stuff for people, I guess. I project/product manage, advise on education and community stuff, help organisations with strategy - difficult to quantify)

@dajbelshaw So what was your path to that work?

To test Chartodon, ask it to chart the discussion. So simply reply to any of these toots, mentioning:

@ Chartodon @ mathstodon.xyz

(Without the spaces, obviously, which are there to avoid unintentional provocation)

@ColinTheMathmo Cool!

My path to this work? Ha, well...

1. BA (Hons) Philosophy
2. Oh shit, what am I going to do for a job? My father (Deputy Head) suggested teaching
3. MA Modern History
4. PGCE Secondary History
5. History teacher
6. History + ICT Teacher
7. Director of E-Learning
8. Burnout (work + doctoral thesis + parenthood)
9. Researcher/Analyst
10. Discovered and started promoting Open Badges (openbadges.org)



11. Mozilla asked me to work for them on badges
12. Transitioned to be Web Literacy lead after finishing my doctoral thesis on digital literacies
13. Consultancy (City & Guilds mainly, to begin with)
14. Started sub-contracting, so a friend suggested setting up a co-operative
15. Set up We Are Open Co-op with three friends/former colleagues - weareopen.coop


16. Started getting interested in decentralisation
17. Moodle asked me to head up MoodleNet as a new thing
18. Left Moodle and went back to working with the co-op (mainly on Catalyst-funded charity digital transformation stuff + Greenpeace projects) during the pandemic


@dajbelshaw I did get a bit of a surprise when I started listing the countries where I've given talks ... there were rather more than I expected.

I always find it intriguing and mysterious trying to figure out what people actually do for their work. I spend all my time giving talks, and then you can backtrack from there. I have to arrange the visits and write the talks. To write the talks I need to gather and arrange material. Etc.

I can make that fairly clear. But often ...

@dajbelshaw ... when other people describe what the do I'm left none-the-wiser.

Not sure it matters, but I do find it ... enticing? Confusing?

Something ...

@ColinTheMathmo Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been all over the place - in the few weeks before the pandemic last year I'd been to NYC, Kuwait, Belgium, and London. Feels weird to be stuck at home.

And all the most interesting people I know have had careers that don't fit neatly on a CV 😉

@dajbelshaw Separately, I'd still be interested to know what Moodle does.

@ColinTheMathmo Moodle is a learning management system:


I was leading a team to build MoodleNet, a federated resource-sharing platform for educators:


(I quit, along with the rest of the team, due to internal matters that I can't go into for legal reasons. Suffice to say we raised ethical questions.)

@dajbelshaw I'm still unclear as to what that actually means (an LMS) but I guess I need to read more examples of what they think it lets one do.

Another time ... on the list ...

@ColinTheMathmo It's basically used for doing distance or blended learning. So think courses with resources.

@dajbelshaw At some point ... not now ... I'd be interested in having a discussion about the overall plan and structure of a "federated resource-sharing platform".

I'm quietly working on something similar, or at least, related.

@dajbelshaw Meanwhile, let me know if you need any help in invoking Chartodon.

@dajbelshaw So what did you think of (a) the chart,and (b) the method of invoking it?

@ColinTheMathmo Really easy to invoke! The chart is easy to follow and, apart from some slight formatting issues, looks great! 👏

@dajbelshaw Cool.

I've been working on the formatting issues, but most of it is out of my control with the tools I'm using. I could fiddle endlessly, but it's worth seeing first if people will use it.

@dajbelshaw Questions now are whether to set it to run on auto, and whether, and how, to throttle it

@dajbelshaw They only go with a linear presentation of the direct line from the root, and only include tweets from the author.

Much easier.

They also have people who know how to write stuff for the web. Which I don't.

@dajbelshaw Yes, very much a case of literally unrolling/concatenating a single thread, rather than charting a discussion or conversation.

@ColinTheMathmo Yes, my comment was more to do with your mention of whether to auto-generate, throttle, etc. rather than the complexity of the service 🙂

@dajbelshaw Right. noted.

I think I've found a bug/infelicity. I might go quiet for a bit.

@dajbelshaw OK, Chartodon's test for a request is too simplistic ... I need to re-think that.

I'm going to go ... have a great day, and ciao for now.

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@dajbelshaw Bookmarked ... I'll have a look at those later ... I've put them in my WispWeaver.

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