I joined the Green Party last week and, sadly, am beginning to wish I hadn't.

Over the last few days I've had email after email - give more money! join this group! check out these resources!

Are all political parties crap? I left the Cooperative Party last year but I'm still on their physical mailing list, despite me reminding them twice. They even sent me a membership card, despite me cutting off the direct debit 🙄

@dajbelshaw The single biggest indicator of “likely to pay XYZ cause money” is having done so in the past. Only ever make anonymous donations, if you dislike spam. It's not just political parties. Many charities do this too.

But yes, all political parties are crap. The ones that aren't (e.g. Pirate Party UK, from what I've heard) don't survive.

@dajbelshaw I was thinking of joining the youth wing of the party I support, but they're making it rather hard to figure out how
And also I think there is some communist era stigma in this country related to being in a party

@dajbelshaw There was only one party to be in, and the assumption that if you were in it, you were snitching on your neighbours to the police, I guess

> Are all political parties crap?

I don't know about "all", but the pattern is donation nagging and harvesting machines.

@dajbelshaw I think you've joined just as election season started (County Council for us). I'm getting at least 3 a day from my party. It will pass 🙄...

@dajbelshaw I've had the same experience with both the NDP and Greens here in Canada. The constant demands for money are making me question what it is that political parties do.

@Downes I've unsubscribed to every communication except the local organising committee here in my ward.

I've volunteered to deliver some leaflets. Them asking for more money when I've just literally joined seems a bit greedy.

@dajbelshaw @Downes I remember it was like that when I lived in Canada, but I've found it quite different here in Norway. Was briefly a member of one (small) party and am now a member of another (slightly less small). They've rarely asked for money other than annual reminders of my membership fee. The only communications I get are invitations to events in my local area or to participate in policy disucssions in advance of elections.

I guess this is a symptom of what's happened to politics since 1980. The proofs of a party are -action-, not -image-. Propaganda never resolved a conflict.

@dajbelshaw You just reminded me why I registered as a independent here in the States. ; )
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