Just wrestled with Mailchimp (I swear it was better a decade ago!) to create an automatic RSS-to-email digest for

It will go out out every Saturday morning if I've configured everything correctly...

Subscribe here:

(also planning to create a Mastodon bot once approves me)

@dajbelshaw Amen to Mailchimp was easier to use in the past. I’m musing on getting a newsletter off the ground and am, for the first time in a decade, delving into the world of EDM systems again.

Mailchimp is one I’m considering and it is, to say the least, convoluted. Seemingly little rhyme or reason to where features are ‘hidden.’ Also, I get the whole spam issue, but it makes me uncomfortable having to provide a street address on all emails...

@robert Have you tried MailPoet? It was recently acquired by WooCommerce, who are, in turn, owned by Automattic (the people behind WordPress).

It's great, as it integrates with WP and I've been using the Pro version for Thought Shrapnel for a while 👍

@dajbelshaw Thanks for the suggestion as I was not aware of MailPoet. A very sleek operation. Might spin up a trial.

I was also looking at Buttondown, but USD 29/mo to use a custom domain and send multiple newsletters seems a little steep.

The other option is Infomaniak. They charge per email, which sounds expensive, but if I sent an EDM to 10k subscribers each week, it would cost 10€. Which starts to beat our MailPoet and Chimp which would be nearer 63€/mo as they charge on subscribers.

@dajbelshaw And before you say it... I know it is unlikely the readership base for musings on Burke et al is unlikely to be much larger than my wife and perhaps you. So why worry about the costs of a larger list.

But hey! A man can dream...

@dajbelshaw Also, what prompted you to use Mailchimp over MailPoet?

@robert RSS to email, and the fact that I'm not using WordPress for

I tried setting up something in Mailjet and Zapier but I gave up because life is short 😅

@robert Dies MailPoet charge per subscriber now? I got a lifetime Pro license via AppSumo for $59 a couple of years ago 😛

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