Can you guess when was a link to one of my projects shared here on fedi yesterday?

Seriously, we're getting close to having a true "Fediverse effect" (c.f. ). :blobaww:

@rysiek Yeah, but you have to consider the traffic from servers fetching the preview. (Sorry)

@Gargron oh, that's exactly what I meant. I should have made it clear. 👍


@rysiek @Gargron Yeah, there's actually a bit of an issue there for those of us trying to tread lightly on the planet.

Not sure how to fix it (in a decentralised way) but so many requests is a form of DDoS for smaller sites.

@dajbelshaw @rysiek There already seems to be a delay before fetching previews, dunno whether it is an explicit one or just the result of the action landing in the back of my sidekiq queue and needing some time to be at the front.
But spreading preview fetches over a short time frame helps cutting the spikes. @Gargron

@dajbelshaw @Gargron I suppose some form of "link posted on Instance X, Instance X makes the request and caches the result, and then attaches it to the toot as it federates; other servers can decide to either use that, or make their own requests" could work?

@rysiek @Gargron You'd have to really trust Instance X, which would lead to pseudo-centralisation. But some form of cascade would be good.

@dajbelshaw @Gargron well you already trust Instance X, nothing is stopping it from modifying the URL, or the toot, or metadata, or whatever.

So, adding cached link previews doesn't seem like a substantial trust issue.

@rysiek @Gargron I'm all up for experiments in this area, because as the Fediverse grows, the problem will only magnify

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