Some you might have wondered where I was going with my questions yesterday about the web browsers on e-readers.

I was trying to work out how many people either currently use them, or would be open to using them.

It's for this new side project:

@dajbelshaw an excellent project. It amazes me how ‘mobile focussed’ so many tech people / companies are, but by that they generally mean they have an app. Oh for a mobile friendly website when you need one.


@robertwinter Thank you! It's kind of the logical next step of reducing the load time of my blog, etc. 🙂

@dajbelshaw very much. Been thinking of ways to streamline mine, but for blogging software I’m not sure I’ll leave Wordpress (again, again). It simplifies too many things for me and while I love a bit of fettling, not sure I’m keen enough to go full static site. Though I do drool over the elegance...

@robertwinter I think you could probably get quite far down the road using the Susty theme for WordPress:

@dajbelshaw yes, I ran that for a while but recently switched to generate press. So far at 128kb, which isn’t bad. But might simplify things a little more.

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