If you have an e-reader (Kindle, Kobo, something else) do you ever use the web browser?

Please feel free to comment with what you use it for and share your favourite sites!

I have a Kindle Paperwhite I keep permanently on airplane mode. When I want to add books, I just plug it in.

@syntax @dajbelshaw this is what I do as well. It is an older model though. It’s the best thing about the kindle, it displays ebooks and it needs a wire to get them on.

I recently bought an Pocketbook Inkpad3 Pro. It has a browser, has wifi and bluetooth. But (as most ereaders) the processor is not beefy enough to use the browser in a decent way.
As an e-reader it shines though, so I am very happy with the reader. Btw, I chose this e-reader because it is not bound to any locked type of ebook. And the 8" format makes it so much better to use instead of most 6" e-readers.

@dajbelshaw I read HackerNews before bed occasionally on the Kindle browser.

@jamie Interesting the regular site or a third-party reader? (e.g.

@jamie Great, I'm looking for examples of sites that work well on simple browsers 👍

@dajbelshaw Mostly Wikipedia entries. One time I was in a bit of a situation and I used it to connect to my email to send someone a message to come get me. But, 99% of the time it is wiki stuff, dictionaries, weather...

@dajbelshaw no, I don't know if the Kobo browser has bookmarks

@dajbelshaw I just checked. I have favourites. Apparently I was on reddit worldnews with my ereader at one point.

The general consensus among many teachers on e-reading devices in classrooms in Norway seem to gravitate towards a kiosk mode for e-reading only, to avoid distractions and needless extra classroom management. If this kiosk mode is provided by the browser, some other app, or a single application embedded device is a matter of taste.

@dajbelshaw what I like about e-ink devices is that for me they are only books and nothing else :)

I have a Kindle Fire and only use Silk browser to download APKs for comic book and mobi readers and a few other apps for standard docs. Otherwise, I use my phone or laptop browser.

@dajbelshaw I have an android phone with an eink screen which I use for everything that isn't videos or image heavy. I find most sites with a light background and good text contrast to be pretty usable, but the the simpler the interface the better. If I'm in the browser I'm reading articles.

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