Has anyone experimented with Adamant, the blockchain chat app? Interesting idea...

@dajbelshaw Sounds promising, BUT you need to pay for every message and pay with their $ADM token. You get $ADM worth 90 messages for your first account, but after that its get a little bit fishy. The ways to get token:


Free tokens for every new user
Free tokens on Atomars exchange
Free tokens from ADAMANT Bounty bot
Buy ADM tokens on an exchange
Built-in exchanger
Buy ADM tokens for cryptocurrency on the project website
Vote for forging pool
Help the project and get bounty payments


Wish is linked from their official site:


@hejowhat Yeah, my first thought was that it was sketchy as hell. However, it worked as advertised when I tried it.

I think the option to pay per message is interesting. Just that writing messages to a blockchain (i.e. immutable) isn't awesome for many of my use cases...

@dajbelshaw 'I think the option to pay per message is interesting' - in what way? Do you mind to explain why? Just curious.

@hejowhat Well I mean that the popular messaging apps are paid for by advertising (WhatsApp, now Telegram) and massive donations (Signal)

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